Don’t … do that. Do this.

You’ve probably heard the comparison between your mind and an iceberg.

In case you haven’t, here’s a refresher…

Your conscious mind, the thinking, logical part of your mind is visible atop the water just as the tip of the iceberg.

But the far greater portion of your mind is found under the water and is called the subconscious.

Albert Einstein famously said, “The subconscious mind is your gift and the conscious mind is its faithful servant.” (1)

If you have studied the Mental Strength and Peak Performance training manual, you already know this. Plus a lot more because we dive deep into the topic.

But here’s where it gets super interesting, and why focuses hard on picturing the things you want in life.

You see, the mind focuses on what you tell it to focus on. Many thoughts are taken in by the brain and then acted upon. (1) And this is why champions ‘stay in the positive’.

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Try this oldie-but-goodie…

Whatever you do… Do NOT think of a pink elephant.

Chances are, of course, that you pictured a pink elephant.

Or, how many times have we said, “Don’t forget the milk” virtually commanding the subconscious to do just that — forget the milk.

Chances are even better that the milk will arrive on schedule if you say, “Please remember the milk.”

For the things that matter in your life, such as reaching your sales goal, being the first to reach the tape or the end zone, or igniting a 100+ mile-an-hour first serve…

Keep it positive

Your subconscious mind truly wants to work extra hard for you. But you need to tell it precisely what you want. Give it hyper-clear directions.

With specificity, clarity and focused action, you’ll find it easier to reach your goals, again and again.

Until next week.


1. The Hypnobirthing Book by Katharine Graves, Second Edition

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