How to ‘Get Too Busy’ Making Your Own News

Have you ever wondered what makes one person …

Happy, positive and productive

While another person under similar circumstances is …

Negative and stuck, most of the time?

Attitude really does matter. It matters as it relates to searching for a solution. It matters as it relates to finding a positive outcome. And most importantly, it matters as it relates to:

Setting and reaching your most important goals

We aren’t talking about the forever-Pollyanna viewpoint that says you have to be in a shiny-good mood all the time. That’s not reality.

After all, if someone throws your favorite 9-iron in the lake, should you LOL, thank them and tell them ‘it needed the grass washed off’ anyway?

Of course not.

As outlined in 4 Ways to Better Use Positive Energy, you may not be able to control the actions of others, but you do have total control over your own attitude.

Being positive is always better

But sometimes, being positive can seem like an uphill battle. Especially if you are not careful with the quality of inputs that you let enter your mind. This is one reason why we strongly suggest you start with the Mental Strength and Peak Performance training manual so you stay mentally sharp, think and act like a champion.

After all, we are at an all time high for not only the speed of information being delivered to us, but also for the volume flying at us from more directions than we can count: Home, work, phones, apps, social accounts, TV’s, Alexa, on and on.

You see, a fascinating study was just published in the British Journal of Psychology. (1) Their goal was to explore the impact that ‘something as seemingly harmless’ as watching the News every day had on our Mental Strength.

And you probably already guessed it…

The News makes us unhappy

But you may not have guessed that the News does not have to be very severe or shocking for people to be affected by it emotionally. And, they found that the more relevant the news, the even greater negative emotional impact it stirred.

Of course, the executives behind the ‘breaking news’ stories know every trick in the book to rile us up emotionally. That’s their job as it keeps advertising revenues on high.

So, with the goal of Mental Strength in order for you to reach your life goals sooner rather than later, here’s a suggestion:

Start by writing down your goals on an index card. Carry this card with you everywhere you go and look at it often. This alone will literally give you a positive dose of rocket fuel.

Be sure to use the high value trick found in: 6 Steps to Unstoppable Mental Strength for even better results.

And in case you are forced to watch the news, simultaneously grab your goal card and internalize your goals again.

Your job is to overwhelm every negative with a preponderance of your own positive thoughts that take you closer to whom you want to become.

Then immediately ‘get in the arena’ and take a positive action toward the highest priority goal on your list.

When you do this, you won’t have the time nor the mental energy for keeping up with ‘the News’…

You’ll be too busy making your own news by accomplishing your goals and creating your life!


1. Is the news making us unhappy? The influence of daily news exposure on emotional states:

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