2 Ways to Improve Your Focus and Concentration

Dictionary.com defines concentration as:

The power of focusing one’s attention

You probably know this already.

Dictionary.com defines focus as:

The quality of producing clear visual definition

You are probably quite clear on this, too.

But today, let’s do something about it. And make some serious progress towards making ‘focus and concentration’ a weapon for you, rather than these two traits wandering in-and-out of your life.

The two tasks to follow are surprisingly simple.

But, shockingly difficult.

Once you have mastered the ability to make these two traits work for you, being able to turn them on at a moment’s notice, you will find your ability to turn off outside noise and distractions will get easier.

And your ability to improve your skills will skyrocket far beyond others – who are trained to respond to their ‘digital devices’ simply becasue of a notification (See Mental Strength and Brain Chemistry).


Two exercises to improve your focus and concentration:

1. The first one is an ‘oldie but a goodie’. In fact, it never gets old. And it’s super simple. Here’s what you do…

Find a watch with a second-hand.

Yes, they still exist.

Lay the watch flat on a desk, sit up straight and for 5 minutes concentrate your thoughts on the second hand. When you start, chances are that this 5 minutes will seem like an eternity. Until your skills improve.

Start with 30 seconds. Then 1 minute. Then get better.

While the next is more advanced, it’s equally as simple and requires you to be in your sporting element. Here’s what you do…

2. Focus your attention on the ball (tennis, baseball, soccer, basketball, football, etc). From the moment it leaves your opponent to the moment it hits your racket (or bat, hands, etc). But let’s go deeper. Focus your attention on the pattern made by the seams as it spins.

By focusing on this subtle trait, which is not as easily perceived by others, your ability to concentrate will be amplified. You might find that the ball will slow and increase in size.

How would this help you raise your game?

Well, besides the fact that you might find yourself leaping tall buildings …

Your ability to single-mindedly focus and concentrate on the task-at-hand – rather than thinking about the ‘what-if’s and the shoulda-been’s’ will contribute more to your success than any other skill you develop.

Just try it. And please keep us posted on your results!

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