5 Parts to the Athlete’s Core

Whether you are a competitive athlete, coach, competing at the boardroom or wanting to make more sales, this topic is crucial to your mental success.

That’s because it’s about your core. And its much more than simply doing 2 sets of 25 crunches and leg raises.

Core training involves working the “core” of the athlete (this is true for everyone including novice and veteran gym-goers), also referred to as an athlete’s “base.”

Athletes (and everyone) should be multi-functional. They should be able to perform tasks using upper and lower extremities at the same time. For this reason, having a strong structural core enables athletes to perform better.


1.    Abdominal muscles

2.    Lower back

3.    Overall flexibility

4.    Balance & Stability

5.    Mental strength

Abdominal muscles & Lower back

Important for posture, strengthens ties between upper and lower body.  Focus on crunches and sit-ups (all types) for abdominal strength, and hyperextensions and “good mornings” for lower back.


Key to being limber and loose.  Increases blood flow, circulation, and enables muscles to speed up and react quicker.

Balance & Stability

By putting the body in awkward positions, balance teaches the neuro-muscular system to compensate and react during competition. Various drills can be constructed, such as balance beams, movement on one foot and many others.  The possibilities are limitless.

Mental strength

Mental strength training is critical for anything you do in life, not just performance in sports.  Confidence in yourself, your skills, and your ability to relax under pressure will determine your success.

Core training should be an athlete’s focus, as it ties speed, quickness, power/strength training and mental performance together.

Emphasize your core. And whether you are a competitive athlete or not – train your core at least twice a week!

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