A Surprisingly Easy Way to Elevate Your Game

At MentalStrength.com, our main goal is to …

Help You Thrive

That’s because as you elevate your game and do what the highest achievers do, you will find that the bar is probably set way too low.

And you get to decide the height of your bar.


Today, let’s talk about raising the bar, more specifically:

Muscles, mental quickness and quality of life.

And it doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, the following could be such an easy, simple life-adjustment, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t heard of this earlier.

You see, a .gov clinical trial (arguably, the highest level scientific test their is) compared two groups of healthy younger men (19-31 years old). (1)

The objective was to determine the effects of a normal protein diet (NP) vs a high protein diet (HP) and how this affected their;

1) muscle function,

2) speed of thinking (a.k.a. cognition, reaction time),

3) protein metabolism, and

4) quality of Life

Four massively important topics, eh?

Alter just one and life can change on a dime. Improve one and your life could thrive. Improve all four, and you are raising your bar to a new, much higher normal.

But get this, they didn’t use just any old random protein. It wasn’t a magical bottle found within a sparkling aisle of labels, nor a sugar-filled, lab-made shake in a bottle.

The protein was specifically animal protein such as eggs, fish and beef.

The HP diet was 2x the NP diet. And here’s what the scientists found:

First, they found that the high protein group had no negatives effects — squashing the myth that high protein is bad for you.

Second, the HP group outperformed the NP group — is it becasue of the extra nutrition found in their blood?

Here’s what we found even more interesting:

If you have studied the programs on Brain Chemistry, Natural Brain Health and  How to Fight Depression and Win, at least one common theme is the value of having a higher Omega-3 fatty acid ratio as it compares to Omega-6 fatty acids.

It may be a sheer coincidence, but the foods listed above that improved performance with no negatives were not just protein-rich foods, but they also happen to be very high in Omega-3 fats.

What do you think the science trying to tell us?

Until next week.

Your team at Mental Strength

P.S. If you want to build rock-solid mental toughness starting today, you are invited to order the Mental Strength and Peak Performance Training Manual.

(1) Effect of a high protein meat diet on muscle and cognitive functions: A randomized controlled dietary intervention trial in healthy men?


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