Are You Annoyed with Teammates and Co-workers?

Everybody gets annoyed and frustrated.

Especially when it comes to better performance, or lack of it:

  • Double fault
  • Dropped pass
  • Strike-out
  • Dropped call
  • Someone is too loud in the background
  • On and on…

But sometimes the secret to handling these annoyances, and even thriving despite them, is found in being better at the basics.

You see, there’s no magic bullet. No magic bean. No miracle answer. And no one is coming to the rescue to remove daily frustrations from your life.

If a magic answer exists, that magic may actually be hidden in the mastery of the basics.

In the Mental Strength and Natural Brain Health program, our master herbalist addresses the three basics that, if overlooked, virtually make taking supplements nearly worthless.

Are people stepping over the basics looking for a magic pill?

Quite possibly.

But one of these basics that directly and powerfully impacts your Mental Strength and your quality of life is: Sleep.

In fact, researchers at Iowa State University randomly split participants into two groups*:

1. Group A got a normal 7 hours of sleep, and

2. Group B restricted their sleep by 2-4 hours each night.

After going through a series of tests filled with background annoyances, the sleep deprived group lost control twice as much as the fully rested group!

And that was only after 2 nights of sleep deprivation (as part of the test).

Now think about your coach, teammates, family, co-workers and people that depend on you to perform. Life is filled with great things but its also filled with countless annoyances every day.

You can’t control others and most of the annoyances, but you can control you.

Get your quality sleep. And make this one of your top priorities every day.

Your Mental Strength and Peak Performance depend upon it!


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