At Work: How to Remain Calm, Cool and Collected

You’ve seen that guy or gal

Maybe its you

The one at the office who, regardless of the amount of chaos whirling around, they look like …

They aren’t rattled by anything — remaining relaxed and confident

Maybe it’s the boss. Maybe it’s an up-and-comer.

Regardless, they walk tall, shake off unsettling news, regroup, quickly and positively redirect their focus forward.

Sound like the perfect trait of an employee, fellow team-member or team-leader?

Is it realistic?


A fascinating study reveals one simple, but not so easy way that you, or your boss, or anyone in the office can “be that guy or gal”.

It’s simple, but it’s not necessarily easy.  Which is probably why so few people do it.

The secret is: Resistance training

Not only does it provide an anti-depressant effect, weight trainers gain lots of positive psychological effects. You see, researchers at the University of Maryland found that strength training reduced anxiety, made people less stressed, less anxious and less worried. (1)

But what was even more interesting is that the test group who did relatively heavier weights saw the most positive results in how they respond to stress and worry, resulting in a better mood and a calmer attitude. (1)

But it gets even better.

Another study published in the Journal of Business and Psychology found that managers who lift weights are not only more pleasant to be around, they treat their teammates better. (2)

So next time, try telling a difficult team-member:

Let’s go hit the weights!

Everyone will be better for it.

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  1. Effects of acute resistance training of different intensities and rest periods on anxiety and affect.
  2. Supervisor Workplace Stress and Abusive Supervision: The Buffering Effect of Exercise:

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