Be Careful What You Say To Yourself… It Just Might Come True

One of our popular tweets (@4mentalstrength) is about self-talk.

And that’s the topic for today.

You see, what you tell yourself really does make a difference.

Especially when it counts. In training. In business. And in competition.

If you have listened to the program on Mental Strength and Brain Chemistry, you know that your thoughts, your self talk and your environment actually creates neuron-firing patterns in your brain.

In fact, this is the secret to breaking personal records and achieving virtually anything you want!

Here’s some more proof

A team of researchers studied the effects of motivational self talk on a group of 24 cyclists. (1)

What they found was shocking!

As we might assume, the control group (no self talk) saw no real change between their two tests of endurance (pretest vs posttest), but …

But the self talk group gained massive results!

That is, when motivational self-talk was used, the test group drastically improved their endurance!

So, the message is clear:

Be careful what you say to yourself

Next time you get mad at yourself and want to say, “I’m slow as a snail”, think again.

Instead say, “I am speedy as a flash“… or “I float like a butterfly and sting like a bee“, made famous by the great Muhammad Ali.

Then get to work and make it happen.

If you want to sharpen your self-talk, we invite you to get started with the Mental Strength and Peak Performance training manual. For best results, also listen to Mental Strength and Brain Chemistry.

You won’t be sorry. In fact, you’ll totally delighted. We literally guarantee it.

And if you need anything along the way, please ask.

We are happy to help!


  1. Talking yourself out of exhaustion: the effects of self-talk on endurance performance.

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