Exercise = Mental Strength?

Physical activity is your life-long secret weapon.

That’s because it’s linked to mental health, functional muscles, disease fighters such as a reduction in free radicals, a healthy boost of antioxidants and even healthier inflammation markers! (1)

The list goes on and on.

You know this already.

In fact, this is probably why you are a health and fitness fanatic! And, like you, we are firm believers that – for at least some things – it’s good to be a fanatic!

But it gets even more interesting.

Scientists also found that exercise makes us feel better in almost every way versus taking medications. (1, 2)

But guess what!?

The same researchers discovered that exercise is not being prescribed as often as it should be, and in one study, only 40% of doctors recommended exercise to their patients. (2) This study concluded that the main reason doctors don’t prescribe exercise to manage mental health concerns was “client’s disinclination.”


So, it’s up to us to keep doing our part.

Set big goals. Train hard. (Self) Talk smart. Eat right.

And make building Mental Strength the big goal.

Together, let’s lead by example.

Your team at Mental Strength

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  1. Luciano Acordi Da Silva, Lorhan Menguer, Janaina Motta, Beatriz Dieke, Sindianra Mariano, Gladson Tasca, Rubya Pereira Zacaron, Paulo Cesar Lock Silveira & Pinho Ricardo Aurino (2017): Effect of aquatic exercise on mental health, functional autonomy, and oxidative dysfunction in hypertensive adults, Clinical and Experimental Hypertension, DOI: 10.1080/10641963.2017.1407331
  2. Way, K., Kannis-Dymand, L., Lastella, M., & Lovell, G. P. (2018). Mental health practitioners’ reported barriers to prescription of exercise for mental health consumers. Mental Health and Physical Activity, 14, 52-60.

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