Five Life-Changing Mental Toughness Tips

Here’s a fun, life-changing tip.

Well, five, actually.

We regularly receive questions and comments from our awesome customers across the globe reporting that they are in shock because of the amount of insights, strategies and tips found within each of our products.

So much so, that customers tell us that they are virtually addicted to listening to each audio portion repeatedly to give themselves a boost when needed (dopamine?).

And that is why we wanted to pass along a few important messages this week.

You see, at we are huge fans of the Law of 80/20 (Go here if you aren’t familiar with the Pareto principle).

With that, we are firm believers that just 20% of people will learn Mental Strength principles — immediately and positively separating you from 80% of the population. (In reality it’s probably much more than 80%.)

And if you are rapidly better than 80%, this almost instantly has you performing at higher-achieving levels.

So, to help you stay focused on peak performance, here’s five life-changing lessons from a few of our programs. Each statement is short, but each carries a gargantuan message:

  1. How we respond to life events is what defines us, as opposed to the life events themselves defining us.” – From ‘How to Get Motivated and Live Your Best Life’
  2. You are responsible for cultivating the environment for the attitude you want.” – From ‘Mental Toughness for Equestrians: Building A Better Rider’
  3. How willing are you to welcome uncertainty in your life? How willing are you to go forward anyway and try hard when you don’t know the answers?” – From ‘Mental Toughness: How to Unleash the Warrior Within’
  4. Dopamine is a chemical used in natural motivation, competition, and in incentivizing winning behaviors (you can largely control this).” – From ‘Mental Strength and Brain Chemistry’
  5. Reducing mental noise is the first and most important part of the preparation routine.” – From ‘The Golden Eight Sequence for Better Mental Performance’

Be sure to check the blog often as we will have these inspirational quotes and others posted shortly — making it easier for you to print and enjoy!

Until next week.

Your Team at Mental Strength

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