Handling Distractions, Part 1

We always ‘get a kick’ out of golfers that can’t swing a club unless EVERYONE can hear a pin drop.

While the ideal scenario is nice, is it the ‘real world’?

Of course not.

Then, these same athletes would get mad and frustrated — literally ruining their entire day.

You see, noise, distractions and complications are the norm and the perfect conditions are rare.

Lots of things can cause you to get distracted, lose focus and get flustered:

  • Maybe you are losing to someone that everyone thinks you should beat…
  • Or, maybe the young baseball team is making too much noise on the adjoining field…
  • Or the girls (or guys) making up your golf foursome are talking too much…

Whatever is causing ‘your’ distractions…

Is it your problem, or is it the distractions’ problem?

99% of the time it is your problem.

After all, your success in life is not dependent upon what happens to you…

but, rather…

How you re-act to what happens to you

So, here’s some homework for you:

Carefully watch your responses to the things that occur to you — the good and the bad.

Write ’em down.

We’ll show you what to do with your findings in the next tip.

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