How to Gain the ‘Winner Effect’

Let me explain.

Did you know the ‘winner effect’ may not be related to winning?

First off, let’s define what the ‘winner effect’ is:

Psychologists term the ‘winner effect’ as an increase in the chances you will win, if you just won. (5)

Experts believed this was due to an increase in testosterone, related to the win. But recent research says this just isn’t true. (1,2)

Before you shrug off the “T” word as something that doesn’t apply to you …

Know that testosterone applies to everyone; male or female, athlete or not.

In fact, testosterone is an extremely important hormone linked to virtually every biological function. (3)

While men (of all ages) need more than women, testosterone helps (men and women) with stress, strength, stamina, endurance, mood, body composition, organs, on and on. (4)

A recent fascinating study (done with men and women), found that one of the athletes that finished near last, actually had the highest testosterone increases! (1,2)

This study found that testosterone levels increased regardless of winning or losing.

It was the “doing” (preparing and competing) that actually created this surge in testosterone – which may be a leading factor of psychological strength.

So how do you use this to improve your own mental strength?


Set a goal. Train hard. And have fun.

You’ll also release some feel-good neurotransmitters while you’re at it. (See Mental Strength and Brain Chemistry). Further reinforcing your habit of great Mental Strength!

Until next week.

Your team at Mental Strength

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