How to Give Your Brain a Bath – Literally

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Researchers at Boston University did some absolutely fascinating research about …

Cleaning Your Brain

They didn’t focus research on the effect of negative words. Nor on listening to the chatter spewing from the media. And not even self-talk. They didn’t research diet, nootropics nor brain supplements.

They studied something much more basic. And far more important than all the above.

They were shocked at what they found!

If you have listened to Mental Strength and Natural Brain Health, you know a bit about how to take care of your most valuable tool.

And if you get easily annoyed with your teammates andor coworkers, you know the simple fix, which is exactly the same topic as studied by these Boston scientists.

You see, these researchers put two fascinating ideas together after studying people using EEG electrodes while sleeping in an MRI scanner.

They found:

  1. Massive waves of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) literally flood the brain during deep sleep, and
  2. This CSF cleans and clears waste products from the brain. (1)

Just for clarity, cerebrospinal fluid is a clear, plasma-like fluid that bathes the central nervous system (CNS) and contains glucose, proteins, lipids, and electrolytes.(2)

You may know all about CSF already.

But, you probably don’t know that this CSF wave-like “washing” activity slows as a person ages, and may even decline during some diseases. (1) And with that, if you have listened to Mental Strength and Brain Chemistry, you may be asking yourself,

“In addition to cleaning house upstairs, how do these CSF waves impact neurons?”

Well, while no one seems to know the answer to this just yet, one thing is fairly certain if you want to clearly perform at your best — fully equipped with a sharp mind and rock-solid mental strength:

Make quality, deep sleep a priority in your life

All the more reason to master the basics as discussed in Mental Strength and Natural Brain Health.

Combine ‘deep quality sleep’ with the “trick” as discussed in having a calm, cool and collected attitude and you just might find yourself feeling clean, sharp, clear and on top of the style!

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