How to Improve Your Mental Strength and Extend Your Life By 24%!

Let’s shift gears and look at a lighter, much more fun topic.

In this case, just because it is ‘light and fun’ doesn’t mean it is less important.

Far from it.

In fact, a huge meta-study reviewed data from 10 studies and almost 4 million people — and what they found is not only fascinating, but life-enhancing! (1)

While this massive amount of info contained many variables (confounders) which could probably account for many theories…

One important item became crystal-clear

This simple addition can extend your life by as much as 24%! (1)

For the fellow math geeks, that could mean the difference between living until 93, up from just 75 years young. Equivalent to a lot of extra years of family fun, experiences, travel, helping others and much much more.

Whats the secret?

Get a four-legged friend

Specifically, a dog.

This meta-study reported that dog ownership extends lifespan. Spending some of your day with Fido probably also increases your quality of life, brings you more smiles and helps you engage into conversations with other like-minded people — all qualities that will enhance your Mental Strength, regardless of age and circumstances.

You, too, could probably come up with a dozen more reasons why Fido adds value.

And as always, if you need anything, we are happy to help!


  1. Dog Ownership and Survival:

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