Mental Strength Tip: 4 Ways to Better Use Positive Energy

Everyone has heard that a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) is helpful to reach one’s goals.

But what does that mean, really?

If someone deliberately bangs your favorite tennis racquet into the concrete, are you supposed to smile and thank them in the name of PMA?

If the opposing linebacker blind-sides you after you get a pass off to the receiver, should you help them up because they fell over while spiking you?

Of course not.

You may not be able to control the actions of others, but you do have total control over your own attitude.

And being positive is always better.

A positive mental attitude creates positive emotional energy. They are basically one in the same. They go hand in hand, and are the keys to a healthy, successful athletic career. The more positive you are, the better your sporting career will be, in addition to your life in every area.

Positive emotions give you energy, while negative emotions deplete your energy.

When you are excited, enthusiastic, happy and are interacting with people and activities you love and enjoy, you sparkle with energy and enthusiasm. When you are angry or depressed, or negative for any reason, you feel tired and frustrated and, eventually, burned out.

Another characteristic of very successful people is that they keep themselves calm much longer than the average person does.

They are more relaxed and more in control of their emotions.

They are very aware that expressions of negative emotion deprive them of the energy they need to be effective in the more important things they do. They don’t allow themselves to become easily upset or angry. They remain objective and detached.

They stand back and refuse to take things personally. They do not allow themselves to get drawn into arguments or other people’s problems. They save their energy for more productive purposes.

One way to keep yourself in control is through utilizing physical relaxation techniques.

The whole purpose of physical relaxation is to allow yourself to recharge your emotional and mental batteries – building up your mental and emotional energies.

Here are four things you can do immediately:

  1. Keep your thoughts on the things you want, and away from the things you don’t want. Focus on your dreams and goals, and keep them off of the things and people that cause you stress and stir up negative emotions.
  2. Preserve your emotional energy by remaining calm and positive in stressful situations rather than allowing yourself to become upset or angry.
  3. Get an ample amount of rest. Not only does your body need to recover from strenuous training, but your mental and emotional state need Rest and recovery.
  4. Use Mental Strength because it can help you with focus, clarity and concentration — possibly helping you to get more out of your day!

Apply these four action steps and you will find your mind and body will become more effective than ever before!

To your health, wellness and Mental Strength!

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