Mental Toughness and How You Talk to Yourself

Today’s Valuable Topic:

Mental Toughness and How You Talk to Yourself

We get hundreds of emails from high performers, athletes and coaches asking us how to be more confident on the field, in the boardroom or on the telephone.

Here’s what we have found: Your ‘self-talk’ is responsible for your confidence level, self-doubt, and your performance. So, be careful what you say to yourself.


What you say to yourself is absolutely the most important conversation you will ever have!

Here is an exercise: 

for the next 24 hours monitor the thoughts and conversations you have with yourself. Try to leave nothing out.

Carry a note pad and pencil with you. As you think random thoughts to yourself, write them down. Write as many of these ‘self-talk conversations’ down on paper as you can. What you are saying to yourself right now as you read this will tell you a lot. 

Do you say things like, “You can’t do that!” Or, “I can do it! … and then notice doubt creeping in before you even get started?” I think you’ll find that in most cases, the person who is responsible for holding you back … is yourself.

When you’ve found out how you talk to yourself, add your comments to the discussion below or drop us an email, and we’ll see if we can help. This simple exercise may give you the turning point you are looking for in your career.

In our next tip, we will share an exiting new method for helping you to visualize a successful outcome. You’ll learn to trick your body into believing that you really can do it, until you believe in yourself enough to take charge, and make it a reality!

This is the first step to achieving massive success.

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