Natural Brain Health

Your team at Mental Strength has been working very hard for you lately.

You see, we regularly get questions from customers about all the brain-related supplements found at virtually every health food store.

Searching for something can be mind-numbing while staring at all the options. Let alone weeding through all the verbiage produced by the marketers. Talk about paralysis by analysis!

That’s why we wanted to uncover more information and facts about the herbs and supplements, for you.

So, we took two steps to find out the facts.

First, we found a Master Herbalist (we didn’t know there was such a job, but its actually a very respected title), an expert in the herbal industry — the person that actually produces the formulas, works directly with customers and writes the materials driving many big herbal organizations. We also liked that this individual is also a professional athlete, and recently had a SPECT scan himself.

We did a fascinating conference with him titled Mental Strength and Natural Brain Health where he went into detail about many herbs, supplements, and alternative approaches. In this conference he specifically said herbal medicine is the real deal and is the oldest form of medicine.

But what he said next was shocking and unexpected …

He said many people are looking for the magic bullet – ‘the easy way out’ by taking herbs. And this is where they may be making a mistake. He suggested that to get the most out of an herb, or a supplement, you have to get the basics right first. And this is a good rule for EVERYONE.

He defined the basics as:

  1. Proper Nutrition
  2. Movement
  3. Sleep

He said even the best herbs won’t make up for bad habits related to the basics. You might as well not bother. But when you have the basics right (the 3 above), the correct herbs for you may be able to help support a healthy stress response, may support the nervous system and much more.

If you’d like to listen to the audio conference and get the short workbook that comes with it, you are invited to review the purchase options here.

Second, we are just completing a conference with an amazing scientist who has a Ph.D. in Cognition, is a biochemist (she has both a Masters and a B.S. in biochemistry) and specializes in brain health and brain trauma. This conference provides a scientific (Western) approach to Mental Strength and Brain Chemistry and offers a wonderful compliment to the perspective of the Master Herbalist.

This awesome program should be out in just a couple weeks.

To your success,

Your team at Mental Strength

P.S. If you want to build rock-solid mental toughness starting today and get a FREE gift (an additional $49 value), you are invited to order the Mental Strength and Peak Performance Training Manual, immediate download PDF or hardcopy version.

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