The Dirty Secret of Chinese Water Torture

The Dirty Secret of Chinese Water Torture

– And how your own self-talk can literally turn into your own worst enemy

We’ve talked about the power of negative emotions, but this one’s a doozy.

You see, many people have developed the habit of repeating negative self-talk, day in and day out. Largely in the form of fear, doubt and worry.

Making this constant stream of negative self-talk similar to a constant drip of water.

Over time, just like a slippery slope, this repetitive thinking creates behaviors that can have devastating effects on your performance, work-ethic, relationships, and overall quality of life.

Drip … drip … drip

This is one of the reasons we are big on searching for the solution. It’s always better than the ‘constant drips’ many people (most?) feed themselves, such as:

  • “You can’t do that”
  • “What will the boss say if you tried that and failed?
  • “What will people think when you strike out?
  • “Every time you go big you double fault”
  • “What a loser”

Chinese strategists have known about the incredible power of negative emotions for centuries.

In fact, they learned how to strategically inject negative emotions into something as seemingly harmless as

A tiny drop of water

They knew that with a regular, continual dose of negative emotions, a person can literally drive themselves insane.

No joke.

Devious military strategists created a device to do just this to their prisoners

It’s called Chinese Water Torture

It’s method was to continually drip one harmless drop of water on the forehead of a bound prisoner. Over time, the little drops turned into the sound of hammer blows – literally making people go insane.

Fortunately, we have control over our thoughts (drips). Keep them positive and focused on what you want.

Decide now to focus on lifting yourself up at every possible opportunity. Feed yourself constant positive drips of life-building, performance-enhancing information found at Mental Strength and similar quality resources. If a negative arises, do what the Mental Strength and Peak Performance manual suggests: Cancel the negative immediately and replace it with a flood of positives.

Create a new productive drip for yourself. Then reinforce it with action in the direction of your goals (Start with the free strategy found in Unstoppable Mental Strength).

After all, small regular steps in the direction of your goals WILL produce mountainous results for you over time.

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