Thrive With Mental Strength

We have been working on many amazing, positively life-changing programs.

The purpose?

– To ensure you are a cut above the competition. So you can perform better in virtually every area of life, not just on the court, in the pool, on the track or in the gym.

This is why we have develop a cutting-edge set of resources focused on brain health, as this is the logical starting point.

One of these new programs is called: Mental Strength and Brain Trauma. The purpose of this program is largely to educate athletes, parents and coaches of contact sports.

But it’s just as relevant for ‘anyone and everyone’.

That’s because studies show about 6% of brain trauma hospital visits occur from sports. Half of these visits are from football (a majority of these are linebackers and running backs). But the overwhelming majority (94%) of brain trauma incidents are from normal life events.(1)

A very interesting common topic among our “Brain Health” series of topics including Mental Strength and Brain Chemistry, How to Fight Depression and Win, Mental Strength and Natural Brain Health and the soon-to-be-completed Mental Health and Brain Trauma, is the role of Omega-3 Fatty Acids.(3) We have mentioned this before and probably will continue in the future as this is so important.

That’s because omega-3 fats are essential fatty acids and the body can’t make them from food. We have to get them food.

You probably know this already.

But you might not know that current researchers are starting to overlap and agree that omega-3’s are truly essential not only for health, but also for brain health (mood, depression, cognition … peak performance?) and even for treatment of brain trauma.(1)

That’s possibly because researchers are showing that the important (and currently out of whack) ratio of omega 6 / omega 3 ratio is at the core of many inflammatory-related diseases, including common brain-related issues.(2)

Experts agree that this ratio should be closer to 5 to 1 (maybe even lower) but the western diet is at about 25 to 1.(2)

Adjusting the Western diet is no small feat. But the good new is, you can educate yourself with our awesome Mental Strength programs and make the necessary changes based on what you and your doctor feel is best.

After all, we aren’t here to simply survive … the goal at is for you to THRIVE!

To your success,

Your Team at Mental Strength

1. These statistics are from the Mental Strength and Brain Trauma, Dr. Brittany Rummel program



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