Try This Crazy Way to Improve Your Game

Your ability to concentrate could become:

Your secret weapon

After all, your inside world is a direct reflection of your outside world.

Tighten up your concentration skills and your outside world will almost magically transform into what you concentrate on.

We’ve talked a lot about ways to concentrate:

  • Breathing
  • Focusing, on the second hand
  • Watching the seams on the ball

But here is a remarkably effective way that you probably haven’t tried:


That is, listen to how the ball sounds. Or the environment, or the water, or the opponent.

Whether your sport is baseball, track & field, football, basketball, swimming, soccer, hockey, or tennis, you can

Improve your concentration skills by listening

In fact, it rarely occurs to an athlete to actively listen.

But its a valuable skill. (And possibly even more valuable in business.)

For example, with practice you’ll notice distinct differences in how the ball sounds as it leaves your racket (or bat) with variances of the angle of the racket face, speed, power, and spin. This can give you great insight into reading your opponent, reacting and even modelling “the sound of the crack of the ball off your strings” and repeating excellent serves and other strokes.

But maybe even more importantly, it can keep your focus on the here and now.

Some athletes will get more out of listening to the ball (or whatever sport specific device you choose) because it is so mind-absorbing and totally fresh and different from looking at the seams or your breathing.

Regardless of your choice, get with a great coach or mentor, train hard, get in the arena and make your own news!

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