Weightlifting Trumps Medicine?

Researchers at the University of Vermont (UV) recently discovered that after bouts of exercise and nutrition-education…

95% of patients reported:

‘Improved mood and self-esteem, with lower levels of anger, anxiety and depression’. (1)

Hmn … isn’t it interesting what a little diet and exercise can do?

For David Tomasi, a psychotherapist at UV, he’s hopeful that these natural strategies will become the new normal for those wanting to obtain improved mental strength.

But even with this fantastic research, it appears that less than half of doctors agree on prescribing exercise to their patients. Go here and see the reason for this… it’s rather shocking.

Regardless, whether you or someone you know is feeling like they need a mental boost, it looks like evermore experts are looking to diet and exercise.

Here’s what the recent mental strength experts and research suggests.

If you haven’t started, now is the best time to get going. It doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, if you are not in the top 14% yet, with a little time and practice, you can join the top by starting here.

After all, is it because top achievers integrate exercise and nutrition into their routine that make them peak?  Or, is it that exercise and nutrition inspires peak performance?

As always, if you need anything, we are happy to help.

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