What is Brain Chemistry Exactly … And Do You Have any Control?

You probably already know we have a wonderful library of the most awesome, cutting-edge programs with one focus:

To help you be the best in your sport or career

So, today, we are going to review a frequently asked question that our team receives, taken from the Mental Strength and Brain Chemistry program.

In this program, we asked one of the top, most highly educated scientists in the world:

What exactly is brain chemistry and do we have any control over it?

Her answer is exciting.

But first, if you haven’t listened to the program yet and don’t know Dr. Brittany Rummel, she is the perfect person to talk about this awesome topic. Dr. Rummel is a delight to work with, has a PhD in cognition and a Masters and a Bachelors in biochemistry, and has a unique expertise in behavior therapy and education.

Here’s a snippet of our interview with Dr. Rummel from the Brain Chemistry program:

Q: Dr. Rummel, what exactly is brain chemistry?

A: Brain chemistry is used as a catchall term for chemical reactions occurring in the brain. Chemical reactions dictate connections between different parts of the brain. Brain chemistry is the neurotransmitters, the chemicals within our brain and how they’re directing your signals, and directing everything that you do.

– And here’s one of the ‘big take-aways’ from what Dr. Rummel said about achieving goals:

A: Simply thinking about an activity creates neural networks or reinforces pathwayseven watching others will increase those connections between the neurons. This can have great effects in your brain chemistry and your ability to change the way you’re thinking and reinforce your desired pathways. 

This is very exciting! This means you really can have more control over your own brain chemistry, and the positive direction of your life and goals.

So what do you do with this now?

Three things.

  1. Order the Mental Strength and Peak Performance training manual and raise your game. You won’t be sorry. The manual alone will change your life, we guarantee it and provide support to you every step of the way.
  2. Order the Mental Strength and Brain Chemistry program to discover all the ‘nitty gritty’ details from Dr. Rummel about how you can literally hard-wire your brain for success and happiness. Again, your future self will be glad you did.
  3. Set big goals, model others that have done what you want to do, and get to work living your best life.

And as always, if you need anything, we are happy to help.

Until next week.

Your team at Mental Strength

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