You Don’t Have to Believe in Mental Imagery. It Works Anyway.

I recently read an interesting report by a leading sports psychologist. It details exactly why imagery works.

… Imagery works because images are events to the body.

To the body, images created in the mind can be almost as real as actual events.

(I hope you just had an “AHA” moment.)

(If you didn’t, read it again.)

In fact, the mind responds to imagery as if it were something REAL happening, especially when the images strongly evoke sensory memory and fantasy- that means sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and feel.


  • Recalling the smell and feel of the grass as you dove for a fly ball … is an image.
  • Remembering the sound and timbre of the coach, saying he’s proud of you … is an image.
  • And recalling the internal bristle of energy in your body when you realize you are about to cross the finish line … is also an image.

These sensory images are the true language of the body, the only language it understands immediately and without question. To the body, these images can be almost as real as actual events.

This is the first operating principle of imagery.

You see, our bodies don’t discriminate between sensory images in the mind, and reality

Once again, the more closely you can imagine what you want to happen, the more your body will go to work in attempt to make it a reality.

Be careful what you think about, because IT REALLY CAN happen.

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