Want to be a High Performer? Start Here …

We move toward what we picture in our mind. If there is no goal (no target), there is no way of knowing if you are on track. In fact, those with a goal gravitate towards what they want. Those without a goal simply stay stagnant, they literally become what they “used to be”. A YaleContinue reading “Want to be a High Performer? Start Here …”

A Simple Strategy to Make Negative Thoughts Vanish

If you have listened to How to Fight Depression and Win you have some great strategies to be in control of almost any situation. And if you have enjoyed our Mental Strength and Brain Chemistry program featuring Dr. Brittany Rummel (Ph.D in Psychology and Cognition, with a Masters and Bachelors in Biochemistry), you have discoveredContinue reading “A Simple Strategy to Make Negative Thoughts Vanish”

Are iPad’s Reshaping Kid’s Brains?

Everybody has heard of grey matter: It’s the brain’s pinkish-grey color, literally containing the brain cells and all the goodies so cells can communicate with each other. Grey matter is especially handy when it comes to memory. (3) But many have not heard of white matter. White matter is much deeper in the brain andContinue reading “Are iPad’s Reshaping Kid’s Brains?”

What You Say Is What You Get

Neuroscientists have established that every person in the world carries an ongoing inner dialogue with themselves between 150 and 300 words per minute. That works out to be 45,000 – 51,000 thoughts a day! In fact, researchers say you can’t go more than 11 seconds without self-talking. Much of our inner dialogue is neutral. YouContinue reading “What You Say Is What You Get”

The Dirty Secret of Chinese Water Torture

Listen to this podcast here: The Dirty Secret of Chinese Water Torture – And how your own self-talk can literally turn into your own worst enemy We’ve talked about the power of negative emotions, but this one’s a doozy. What is Chinese Water Torture?Chinese military strategists developed Chinese water torture as a way to continuallyContinue reading “The Dirty Secret of Chinese Water Torture”

How to Give Your Brain a Bath – Literally

Want to listen to this coaching lesson in a podcast? Listen here: https://anchor.fm/mentalstrengthdotcom/episodes/Mental-Strength-How-to-Give-Your-Brain-a-Bath–Literally-e14v4um Researchers at Boston University did some absolutely fascinating research about … Cleaning Your Brain They didn’t focus research on the effect of negative words. Nor on listening to the chatter spewing from the media. And not even self-talk. They didn’t research diet,Continue reading “How to Give Your Brain a Bath – Literally”

Time to Sharpen Your Axe?

“Give me 6 hours to cut down a tree, and I’ll spend 4 hours sharpening the axe.” – Abe Lincoln You’ve probably heard the story about the two woodcutters: Jim and Rob The team at Mental Strength enjoy reviewing their story often. Here is their story: Starting at sunrise, Jim began busily chopping wood, swingingContinue reading “Time to Sharpen Your Axe?”

Don’t … do that. Do this.

You’ve probably heard the comparison between your mind and an iceberg. In case you haven’t, here’s a refresher… Your conscious mind, the thinking, logical part of your mind is visible atop the water just as the tip of the iceberg. But the far greater portion of your mind is found under the water and isContinue reading “Don’t … do that. Do this.”

Weightlifting Trumps Medicine?

Researchers at the University of Vermont (UV) recently discovered that after bouts of exercise and nutrition-education… 95% of patients reported: ‘Improved mood and self-esteem, with lower levels of anger, anxiety and depression’. (1) Hmn … isn’t it interesting what a little diet and exercise can do? For David Tomasi, a psychotherapist at UV, he’s hopefulContinue reading “Weightlifting Trumps Medicine?”

How to Improve Your Mental Strength and Extend Your Life By 24%!

Let’s shift gears and look at a lighter, much more fun topic. In this case, just because it is ‘light and fun’ doesn’t mean it is less important. Far from it. In fact, a huge meta-study reviewed data from 10 studies and almost 4 million people — and what they found is not only fascinating,Continue reading “How to Improve Your Mental Strength and Extend Your Life By 24%!”

Not Going Your Way? Here’s the Instant Fix

“Every time I play, in my own mind I’m the favorite.” – Tiger Woods It’s amazing to talk to a person who is unhappy because of an event that occurred in the past, even many years ago. They think about the negative experience, dwell on it and become angry, upset and depressed all over again.Continue reading “Not Going Your Way? Here’s the Instant Fix”

How a Lobster Becomes ‘Top Dog’

If you bought the Mental Strength and Brain Chemistry program, you know Dr Brittany Rummel teaches about the four “feel-good” brain chemicals (neurotransmitters). And from this program you know … You can control your own brain chemistry One of these brain chemicals is serotonin, which regulates one of the unquestionable secrets to your life-long success.Continue reading “How a Lobster Becomes ‘Top Dog’”

Do You Have This Bad Habit?

As you know from the Mental Strength and Peak Performance training manual (1) and the Mental Strength and Brain Chemistry (2) program … A habit can launch you towards your goals! Good habits can ignite you towards your athletic, career, and life goals like a rocket-ship, keeping you from ‘thinking too much’. Up at 6:00,Continue reading “Do You Have This Bad Habit?”

What Does a Half-Empty Glass Mean?

You’ve no doubt been asked, “Do you see the glass half full or half empty?” Possibly after a little hemming-and-hawing you gave your answer. But does your answer really mean anything? A recent and fascinating new research study gives us an answer. If you see the glass as half empty, traditionally, this may be anContinue reading “What Does a Half-Empty Glass Mean?”

How to Avoid a Personal Freak-out

A freak-out is a common term for losing control. It happens to everyone, at some point. But it does happen to some more than others. Everyone has witnessed a movie where the leading character slaps another to help them “get it together” after losing it. This slap across the face is designed to shake upContinue reading “How to Avoid a Personal Freak-out”

At Work: How to Remain Calm, Cool and Collected

You’ve seen that guy or gal … Maybe its you The one at the office who, regardless of the amount of chaos whirling around, they look like … They aren’t rattled by anything — remaining relaxed and confident Maybe it’s the boss. Maybe it’s an up-and-comer. Regardless, they walk tall, shake off unsettling news, regroup,Continue reading “At Work: How to Remain Calm, Cool and Collected”

5 Parts to the Athlete’s Core

Whether you are a competitive athlete, coach, competing at the boardroom or wanting to make more sales, this topic is crucial to your mental success. That’s because it’s about your core. And its much more than simply doing 2 sets of 25 crunches and leg raises. Core training involves working the “core” of the athleteContinue reading “5 Parts to the Athlete’s Core”

How a 20-second Sprint = a 45-minute Run

Researchers recently discovered a more efficient kind of exercise. It’s called sprint interval training (SIT). You know this already, but you probably haven’t seen what the researchers discovered. They found that just 1 minute of SIT virtually obliterates a standard session of cardio exercise. And the benefits of SIT are awesome. Better food metabolism, heartContinue reading “How a 20-second Sprint = a 45-minute Run”

Shocking Discovery Says Cereal Reverses Mental Fitness?!

Today’s topic is not about diet. Although it may sound like it. The focus of today’s tip is on science. Neuroscience, to be specific. And it’s a doozy. It’s central to your mental strength, ambition and peace-of-mind, really. Without getting too deep in the weeds, and as you already know, 10,000+ years ago our traditionalContinue reading “Shocking Discovery Says Cereal Reverses Mental Fitness?!”

Feeling Less-than Optimistic? Try This …

Not clearly seeing the path ahead can sometimes feel like facing low-hovering clouds. If you are part of MentalStrength.com you are uncovering amazing new skills and tools to thrive — especially in the unknown. Today’s topic is a surprisingly simple tactic – that anyone can do – to help you achieve more and feel betterContinue reading “Feeling Less-than Optimistic? Try This …”

Want to be a High Performer? Start Here …

We move toward what we picture in our mind. If there is no goal (no target), there is no way of knowing if you are on track. In fact, those with a goal gravitate towards what they want. Those without a goal simply stay stagnant, they literally become what they “used to be”. A YaleContinue reading “Want to be a High Performer? Start Here …”

Where NOT to Start

Where NOT to Start We get dozens of questions everyday. Since we can’t get to every question in our articles, let’s address the most frequently asked, which deals with gaining better performance through mental rehearsal. So what’s the most asked question? “Where do I start?” Let’s answer this with where NOT to start. Don’t startContinue reading “Where NOT to Start”

You Don’t Have to Believe in Mental Imagery. It Works Anyway.

I recently read an interesting report by a leading sports psychologist. It details exactly why imagery works. … Imagery works because images are events to the body. To the body, images created in the mind can be almost as real as actual events. (I hope you just had an “AHA” moment.) (If you didn’t, readContinue reading “You Don’t Have to Believe in Mental Imagery. It Works Anyway.”

Handling Distractions, Part 1

We always ‘get a kick’ out of golfers that can’t swing a club unless EVERYONE can hear a pin drop. While the ideal scenario is nice, is it the ‘real world’? Of course not. Then, these same athletes would get mad and frustrated — literally ruining their entire day. You see, noise, distractions and complicationsContinue reading “Handling Distractions, Part 1”

Handling Distractions, Part 2

You should now have a list of your responses to some of the common distractions affecting your play. Such as… Your violent outburst to the baby crying … or… You spending the next four points wondering why you double faulted on game point. And if you have no idea what I am talking about, pleaseContinue reading “Handling Distractions, Part 2”

Real-life fast-moving concentration

Ok, last week we built upon your concentration skills. Static concentration that is. Now, let’s move it. Literally. You developed your concentration skills while totally focused on every contour, color, shape, size and detail of the object in question, i.e., baseball bat, tennis ball, golf ball, football, basketball, and so forth. Now, go onto theContinue reading “Real-life fast-moving concentration”

Mental Strength Tip: Confidence Equals Concentration

I remember interviewing a world-renowned sport psychologist, Dr. Alan Goldberg. Dr. Goldberg worked with the UConn Huskies basketball team when they won the National Championship over Duke. Needless to say he knows his stuff. Dr. Goldberg suggested that your confidence is determined by what you are concentrating on. For example… Do you see the distractionsContinue reading “Mental Strength Tip: Confidence Equals Concentration”

Mental Toughness and Why a Little Cockiness is a Good Thing

Mental Toughness is the ability to control one’s thoughts during competition.   More importantly, it is a way of thinking, a mental program, that delivers under the pressure of competition.  It can help keep you focused, confident, determined, and courageous.  However, being mentally tough does not come without a price. It must be practiced daily justContinue reading “Mental Toughness and Why a Little Cockiness is a Good Thing”

The Need for Mental Strength

“If you aren’t training for Mental Strength your performance will be limited before you even get started” Today, we would like to feature some Mental Strength testimonies. This is not to promote us, but to promote the fact that there are people, athletes and fellow high achievers, just like you, investing into a greater understandingContinue reading “The Need for Mental Strength”

Mental Strength Tip: 4 Ways to Better Use Positive Energy

Everyone has heard that a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) is helpful to reach one’s goals. But what does that mean, really? If someone deliberately bangs your favorite tennis racquet into the concrete, are you supposed to smile and thank them in the name of PMA? If the opposing linebacker blind-sides you after you get aContinue reading “Mental Strength Tip: 4 Ways to Better Use Positive Energy”

Mental Strength: Great Quotes

Internalize these quotes, and enjoy the success that you achieve. You may want to print this page, and post them in a place where you will read them often, such as your refrigerator door, bathroom mirror or in your locker. Print this page and post in a place where you’ll read it every day: ProgressContinue reading “Mental Strength: Great Quotes”

The Man In The Arena by Theodore Roosevelt

Below is one of our favorite inspirational quotes. It’s hanging on our office wall. It serves as a reminder for us to focus forward – keeping our eye on the goal. Simultaneously, it reminds us to search for solutions while avoiding being ‘just another commentator’: The Man In The Arena “It is not the criticContinue reading “The Man In The Arena by Theodore Roosevelt”

Natural Brain Health

Your team at Mental Strength has been working very hard for you lately. You see, we regularly get questions from customers about all the brain-related supplements found at virtually every health food store. Searching for something can be mind-numbing while staring at all the options. Let alone weeding through all the verbiage produced by theContinue reading “Natural Brain Health”

Your Mental Pictures

As you have been learning from our strategies on creating mental strength and toughness, your self-talk is largely responsible for your confidence level, self-doubt, and your performance in pretty much everything. But, let’s take it one step further. Your self-talk creates a picture in your mind. And get this: Your mind cannot tell the differenceContinue reading “Your Mental Pictures”

Mental Toughness and How You Talk to Yourself

Today’s Valuable Topic: Mental Toughness and How You Talk to Yourself We get hundreds of emails from high performers, athletes and coaches asking us how to be more confident on the field, in the boardroom or on the telephone. Here’s what we have found: Your ‘self-talk’ is responsible for your confidence level, self-doubt, and yourContinue reading “Mental Toughness and How You Talk to Yourself”

Mental Strength Strategy: 4 Steps to Breaking Through a Plateau

If you have been involved in business, working out, or in sports for any amount of time, you know what it feels like to reach a plateau.   You know, those frustrating times when you feel like you just can’t get any better. Or worse yet, you feel like you can’t do anything right! Have youContinue reading “Mental Strength Strategy: 4 Steps to Breaking Through a Plateau”

Try This Crazy Way to Improve Your Game

Your ability to concentrate could become: Your secret weapon After all, your inside world is a direct reflection of your outside world. Tighten up your concentration skills and your outside world will almost magically transform into what you concentrate on. We’ve talked a lot about ways to concentrate: Breathing Focusing, on the second hand WatchingContinue reading “Try This Crazy Way to Improve Your Game”

How to Develop the Mind-Set of a Champion

Michael Phelps is the best Olympic swimmer of all time. He piled up 28 medals. 23 of them Gold. In a sport where milliseconds count, what made the difference in Michael’s career? Definitely one major contributing factor was the development of: Good habits And one of these habits was creating a Champion’s mind-set. As youContinue reading “How to Develop the Mind-Set of a Champion”

Do This to Squash Fear, Doubt and Worry

“The reason why worry kills more people than work is that more people worry than work.” – Robert Frost (1874-1963), winner of four Pulitzer Prizes for Poetry and awarded the a Congressional Gold Medal Most of us know a person who is a “worrier”. They worry about losing money. They worry about not performing well. Continue reading “Do This to Squash Fear, Doubt and Worry”

2 Ways to Improve Your Focus and Concentration

Dictionary.com defines concentration as: The power of focusing one’s attention You probably know this already. Dictionary.com defines focus as: The quality of producing clear visual definition You are probably quite clear on this, too. But today, let’s do something about it. And make some serious progress towards making ‘focus and concentration’ a weapon for you,Continue reading “2 Ways to Improve Your Focus and Concentration”

How to ‘Get Too Busy’ Making Your Own News

Have you ever wondered what makes one person … Happy, positive and productive While another person under similar circumstances is … Negative and stuck, most of the time? Attitude really does matter. It matters as it relates to searching for a solution. It matters as it relates to finding a positive outcome. And most importantly,Continue reading “How to ‘Get Too Busy’ Making Your Own News”

Do this to Recover Faster, Improve Your Performance and Build Muscle

Today’s tip is another highly valuable topic. That’s because once you dial-in what works best for you, your mental strength and performance will get better and better. While today’s focus is for athletes and coaches, everyone will undoubtedly benefit. Especially if you are actively lifting your Mental Strength and developing performance-enhancing and life-extending muscle strength.Continue reading “Do this to Recover Faster, Improve Your Performance and Build Muscle”

Muscle is crucial for sports speed, power and … aging!?

As you know, we talk a lot about ‘mastery of the basics’. Topics such as self-talk, good sleep habits, eating a diet rich in omega 3’s, quality protein and training. We work with a wide range of customers, from young athletes and coaches to competitive 40+ athletes, to business executives and beyond. While today’s topicContinue reading “Muscle is crucial for sports speed, power and … aging!?”

Are You in the Top 14%, Right Now?

1,500 firefighters were recently the subject of a fascinating study. (1) Researchers with Harvard Medical uncovered some startling, and rather humbling facts about the connection between serious health issues and ‘a simple, no cost, you-can-do-anywhere’ … Push-up But at mentalstrength.com, when looking from a bird’s-eye-view, we know it’s not just about the push up. It’sContinue reading “Are You in the Top 14%, Right Now?”

You Risk a 50% More-Likely Early Death Because of This?!

Have you ever wondered what makes some people perform at extremely high levels?   – While others easily ‘catch a cold’ when exposed to everyday germs? How can some adapt to exceptional strain — enduring extreme cold weather or high-pressure endurance events, and … Still perform at their best? Is it God-given? Better equipment? Or superiorContinue reading “You Risk a 50% More-Likely Early Death Because of This?!”

What is Brain Chemistry Exactly … And Do You Have any Control?

You probably already know we have a wonderful library of the most awesome, cutting-edge programs with one focus: To help you be the best in your sport or career So, today, we are going to review a frequently asked question that our team receives, taken from the Mental Strength and Brain Chemistry program. In thisContinue reading “What is Brain Chemistry Exactly … And Do You Have any Control?”

How the Dalai Lama focuses on the Negative

We hit positive, proactive goal-setting hard. Almost as hard as he we hit self-talk. That’s because if you don’t set goals for yourself, someone else will set them for you. And this could easily turn into negatives for you. Especially long term. Turning a negative into a positive is the main topic in the sectionContinue reading “How the Dalai Lama focuses on the Negative”

Does Food Change Your Mood?

Does food really affect your mood? You can certainly test this for yourself, if you haven’t already. Go eat a box of delicious macaroni-and-cheese and you might find yourself feeling a bit fuzzy-thinking and groggy soon-after. You probably know which foods make you feel best and contributes to your … Optimal Performance But you mayContinue reading “Does Food Change Your Mood?”

How to Gain the ‘Winner Effect’

Let me explain. Did you know the ‘winner effect’ may not be related to winning? First off, let’s define what the ‘winner effect’ is: Psychologists term the ‘winner effect’ as an increase in the chances you will win, if you just won. (5) Experts believed this was due to an increase in testosterone, related toContinue reading “How to Gain the ‘Winner Effect’”

A Surprisingly Easy Way to Elevate Your Game

At MentalStrength.com, our main goal is to … Help You Thrive That’s because as you elevate your game and do what the highest achievers do, you will find that the bar is probably set way too low. And you get to decide the height of your bar. Onward. Today, let’s talk about raising the bar,Continue reading “A Surprisingly Easy Way to Elevate Your Game”

Does Green Tea Have Brain-Boosting Properties?

Green tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world, second only to water. (2) But is green tea the magical cure-all it’s cracked up to be? The Chinese started producing it about 5,000 years ago and would love for us to believe nothing beats it. That’s because they produce a third of theContinue reading “Does Green Tea Have Brain-Boosting Properties?”

Exercise = Mental Strength?

Physical activity is your life-long secret weapon. That’s because it’s linked to mental health, functional muscles, disease fighters such as a reduction in free radicals, a healthy boost of antioxidants and even healthier inflammation markers! (1) The list goes on and on. You know this already. In fact, this is probably why you are aContinue reading “Exercise = Mental Strength?”

Does Coffee Boost Mental Strength?

Could coffee offer the secret to better Mental Strength? Certainly Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts would love to think so. But, there may be more truth to this than once thought. Scientists at Rutgers University found two compounds in coffee beans that may provide a solution to keep our brain’s healthier. In fact, these compounds wereContinue reading “Does Coffee Boost Mental Strength?”

Are You Annoyed with Teammates and Co-workers?

Everybody gets annoyed and frustrated. Especially when it comes to better performance, or lack of it: Double fault Dropped pass Strike-out Dropped call Someone is too loud in the background On and on… But sometimes the secret to handling these annoyances, and even thriving despite them, is found in being better at the basics. YouContinue reading “Are You Annoyed with Teammates and Co-workers?”

Keep it Simple Soldier (K.I.S.S.)

Today’s topic is simple. So simple that most people miss it. Last week, I was on the tennis court with a very successful woman. Our lesson topic: How to hit high percentage tennis shots in pressure situations. We applied the Law of 21, which is the foundation for mastering new techniques through repetition. And afterContinue reading “Keep it Simple Soldier (K.I.S.S.)”

Seriously!? THIS is Stopping You?

As you know, we hit self-talk pretty hard. That’s because your self-talk carries a serious super power. Let me explain. A classic tactic to get in the head of your opponent (especially in a friendly competition) is to ask them, “Wow, what are you doing so differently to be hitting your serve so awesome today?”Continue reading “Seriously!? THIS is Stopping You?”

Five Life-Changing Mental Toughness Tips

Here’s a fun, life-changing tip. Well, five, actually. We regularly receive questions and comments from our awesome customers across the globe reporting that they are in shock because of the amount of insights, strategies and tips found within each of our products. So much so, that customers tell us that they are virtually addicted toContinue reading “Five Life-Changing Mental Toughness Tips”

Introducing the Mental Strength and Brain Chemistry Program

We recently finished an amazing, life-changing program with Dr. Brittany Rummel who has a Ph.D in cognition and a Masters and Bachelors in Biochemistry. The topic, as you probably guessed is: Mental Strength and Brain Chemistry. But more specifically, the topic is really … About You Let me explain. You see, the actionable foundation ofContinue reading “Introducing the Mental Strength and Brain Chemistry Program”

Be Careful What You Say To Yourself… It Just Might Come True

One of our popular tweets (@4mentalstrength) is about self-talk. And that’s the topic for today. You see, what you tell yourself really does make a difference. Especially when it counts. In training. In business. And in competition. If you have listened to the program on Mental Strength and Brain Chemistry, you know that your thoughts,Continue reading “Be Careful What You Say To Yourself… It Just Might Come True”

Is the ‘Keto Diet’ Good for Your Brain and Health?

Ketones have been in the spotlight by the health and fitness community because of the role they play toward weight loss. Hence, the low carbohydrate “keto diet” gained massive popularity. But far more important than the fad-label of the keto diet, the benefits of ketones can go way beyond just weight loss and may leadContinue reading “Is the ‘Keto Diet’ Good for Your Brain and Health?”

MCT Oil for Ketosis, Your Brain and Health

MCT oil is an oil that is made up of medium-chain triglycerides. This type of triglyceride can be found in coconut oil, palm kernel oil, and various dairy products. Compared to long-chain triglycerides or LCT, MCT is much smaller and more readily digestible.  This allows your body to easily absorb MCT’s towards your bloodstream forContinue reading “MCT Oil for Ketosis, Your Brain and Health”