How to Get Motivated and Live Your Best Life

Turn up your speakers and enjoy this life-changing coaching program:

How to Get Motivated and Live Best Life featuring Claire-Dorotik Nana, MA, LFT, Professional Psychologist and Mental Toughness specialist and Sam Hirschberg, MBA, USPTA and


In this easy-listening, entertaining audio program, Professional Psychologist and Mental Toughness specialist Claire Dorotik-Nana shares new and little-known Motivation strategies — and how you can squash self-doubt, become more confident, set big goals and start living the life you were meant to live.

This audio and short workbook will positively change your life. No longer will you wonder about the secrets to “getting motivated” — they are right here in this easy-to-understand program (without the techno-babble) offering you a simple plan of action to do anything you want in life. After you finish enjoying this program, you will undoubtedly be the master of your own life!

Inside this life-changing program you’ll discover:

  • How to ‘get motivated’ and start reaching your dreams and goals
  • The single-most important skill you need to ‘get and stay motivated
  • What keeps people un-motivated and how you can break free
  • How to avoid self-sabotage and get out of your own way
  • How to join the ranks of people who are regularly setting and reaching new, bigger goals
  • How to build serious self confidence
  • Why others just can’t get off the couch – and to not be one of them!
  • How to SQUASH selfdoubt! (this is easily worth the entire cost of the program)
  • The secret ingredient to motivating yourself and a team to success
  • How to produce your own “dopamine” naturally — propelling yourself to greater levels of success!
  • The biggest mistake people make when it comes to action (and inaction)
  • Common mistakes to avoid when trying to get motivated
  • How to move forward even when you don’t want to
  • How people sabotage themselves and others without knowing it!
  • How to build mental strength
  • And much, much more in this awesome 33-minute audio program!