Mental Toughness: How to Unleash the Hidden Warrior Within

Grab a pen and paper to take notes because your life is about to positively change, right now:

Mental Toughness: How to Unleash the Hidden Warrior Within featuring Claire-Dorotik Nana, MA, LFT, Professional Psychologist and Mental Toughness specialist and Sam Hirschberg, MBA, USPTA and

WARNING: This Program is so good that you may wear-out listening devices replaying this program again and again and again. ENJOY!

In this motivating, inspiring and highly-educational, 34-minute audio program, Professional Psychologist, Mental Toughness and Adversity specialist Claire Dorotik-Nana shares little-known strategies of Mental Toughness — and how you can become more confident, more resilient, face challenges and rise to the occasion.

Inside this audio program you’ll learn …

“What would I be doing if I were already mentally strong enough?”

Whether you are a coach, high performance athlete, just getting started or looking to be mentally tougher in business, this information-packed audio will help you uncover the mysteries of being mentally fit and tough (useful to you in sports and in your life) empowering you to set and reach bigger, better goals.

In this fantastic, astonishing audio program, you will discover:

  • Why winners win — and how you can join this group quickly
  • Simple strategies to make Mental Toughness work for you — NOT against you
  • How dopamine helps you build mental toughness — and how to do it naturally through your own efforts! (This is priceless and easily worth 10x the cost of the program!)
  • How to develop psychological strength
  • The biggest mistake people make in trying to achieve mental toughness
  • Common mistakes that can cause mental errors
  • How to move forward even when you don’t want to
  • What is mental toughness and why you should care
  • The most important components of mental toughness and how you can own them
  • The inspiring story of a young runner who broke an amazing record!
  • How much of your effort to risk
  • What to focus on in order to get the win
  • How you set goals is critical to your mental toughness
  • Key things to focus on to develop mental toughness
  • Are you a black-and-white thinker or a risk-all gambler
  • How to craft an environment that supports mental strength (again, this one strategy is definitely worth the entire cost of the program)
  • What kind of a mentally strong person are you
  • How to welcome uncertantainty
  • How to calibrate risk
  • How you think about this one common element will determine your success in most things (This is Shocking!)
  • How do you view adversity
  • How to build mental strength
  • How champions define mental toughness — and how you can use this in your life
  • How to use traumatic events to develop strength
  • Why the ‘experts’ have stress all wrong — and how you can use stress to win!
  • And much, much more in this awesome 33-minute audio program!
How to Order Mental Toughness: How to Unleash the Hidden Warrior Within this audio program is FREE for a limited time! ENJOY!

Mental Toughness: How to Unleash the Hidden Warrior Within, only $99 is a 33-minute audio program delivered to you in an .mp3 digital file format. This is a digital product and nothing is physically shipped. The audio file is available for your instant download. After your successful order, you will be directed to this audio course on