A Simple Strategy to Make Negative Thoughts Vanish

If you have listened to How to Fight Depression and Win you have some great strategies to be in control of almost any situation.

And if you have enjoyed our Mental Strength and Brain Chemistry program featuring Dr. Brittany Rummel (Ph.D in Psychology and Cognition, with a Masters and Bachelors in Biochemistry), you have discovered some amazing techniques that can help you literally hard-wire your brain for maximum performance, happiness and achievement.

One of our most recent and popular articles is “At Work: How to Remain Calm, Cool and Collected”.  If you haven’t read it, you should, as it reveals another powerful strategy for remaining relaxed and confident, regardless of the amount of chaos whirling around at the office. This strategy combined with the technique discussed in “Feeling Less-than Optimistic? Try This …” — and chances are loaded in your favor that your life will change even more for the better, regardless of your starting point.

Today, let’s support these strategies with another interesting, recent study.

You see, Neuropsychobiology researchers divided people diagnosed with major depressive disorder into 3 groups: group one did 30 minutes of cardio training twice a week for 12 weeks, the second group did resistance training twice a week for 30 minutes, and the final group being the control, did not do any exercise. All three groups remained on their medication protocol as directed by their physician.

What the researchers found was that both groups that exercised had their depression virtually disappear!

So, the take-away is this:

Don’t overthink it. Check with your medical doctor, and if needed, hire a personal trainer for one session so they can show you what to do. Get busy (twice a week) doing some cardio and or resistance exercise.

Almost immediately, you’ll find yourself feeling better than ever — MentalStrength.com style!

And as always, if you need anything, we are happy to help!

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