Are You in the Top 14%, Right Now?

1,500 firefighters were recently the subject of a fascinating study. (1)

Researchers with Harvard Medical uncovered some startling, and rather humbling facts about the connection between serious health issues and ‘a simple, no cost, you-can-do-anywhere’ …


But at, when looking from a bird’s-eye-view, we know it’s not just about the push up.

It’s about: 1) mastery of the basics and 2) the attitude of ‘going the extra mile’ for others and most importantly, for yourself.

Focusing on these two qualities alone will probably put you in the top 14%, in pretty much anything.


Out of the 1,104 firefighters for whom push-up information was available, 155 could do 41 push-ups or more.

That’s the top 14%.

But what was also very fascinating, is that this group of 14% had a whopping 96% less chance of …

A heart attack!

So what does this mean for you, right now?

Well, we could crack a playful military-style joke and say, “Get down and gimme 41 push ups”!

Or, we could be super-serious and say, “The ability to do a push up is tied to your overall health and fitness levels, your attitude about fitness, your waist-to-height ratio, muscle strength, speed, power, diet, sport-specific skills on and on.”

But regardless of where you are starting, with a little focus, you will improve.

  • Whether it’s business, sales, writing, telephone skills, wind sprints, kick serves, or … push ups.
  • That’s because as you make daily progress towards your goal, you will get stronger, more confident, more fit, and more mentally tough each day.

The number of push ups you can do will rise — and according to this study, the chances of a heart attack could plummet! (1)

Until next week,

Your team at Mental Strength


  1. Association Between Push-up Exercise Capacity and Future Cardiovascular Events Among Active Adult Men:

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