How to Develop the Mind-Set of a Champion

Michael Phelps is the best Olympic swimmer of all time. He piled up 28 medals.

23 of them Gold.

In a sport where milliseconds count, what made the difference in Michael’s career?

Definitely one major contributing factor was the development of:

Good habits

And one of these habits was creating a Champion’s mind-set.

  • As you know, we regularly address self-talk . If you are just joining, start here and then come back.
  • After self-talk, we address visualizations. Again, if you are just joining, go here and then come back.

Michael’s coach helped him tremendously by teaching him as a youngster how to develop great habits. And you can do this, too.

You see, every night before bed and every morning upon waking, Michael created a mental movie of his perfect pool routine. Including every detail, from igniting fast twitch muscle fibers and launching himself into the water, to the water rippling off his face with each stroke to how he felt peeling his cap off after being first to touch the wall.

Why before bed and again in the morning?

Well for one, these are two times the mind is most susceptible to receiving messaging. Exactly as you learned – and applied – from the Mental Strength and Peak Performance training manual.

Regardless of your goals, and if you do nothing else, it’s highly suggested that you carefully monitor the quality of information that enters your brain at these two critical times of your day. For best results, keep it positive, uplifting and life-enhancing. Start by reviewing your goals at these times.


When coach wanted Michael to calm down and focus on the task-at-hand, he gave Michael one simple, verbal queue:

“Watch the Video-Tape”

Exactly as we suggest in ‘Crank up the Dial’ – where you make the images of your success bigger, more colorful and more vivid.

So what is your big objective?

  • Hit a financial milestone? Set a goal, see it coming true exactly as you want it, take massive action.
  • Improve your explosiveness off the line? Set a goal, see it coming true exactly as you want it, take massive action.
  • Hit a 100+ MPH first serve? Set a goal, see it coming true exactly as you want it, take massive action.

And be sure to ‘Crank up the Dial!’

Until next week.

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