The Need for Mental Strength

“If you aren’t training for Mental Strength your performance will be limited before you even get started”

Today, we would like to feature some Mental Strength testimonies. This is not to promote us, but to promote the fact that there are people, athletes and fellow high achievers, just like you, investing into a greater understanding of how their mind works — and achieving success as a result.

All too often we would rather beat ourselves into the ground, rather than taking an easier route — which is to better use your mind for an increase in performance.

So, we’d like to share two athletes that have had great successes due to their mental training.

When you model someone that has gone before you, you are immediately quantum leaps closer to achieving similar success. Without having to waste the valuable time trying to figure it out for yourself.

First, is Peggy, a successful tennis player who is competing across the country.

She has been a long-time subscriber to, and sent these comments to us a couple days after her tournament in La Jolla, Ca:

Got the manual and have started reading it.  I have already figured a lot of this stuff out and am using it successfully on the court. Just came back from Nationals in La Jolla, came in fifth, seeded fifth, with a win over the number 2 player in the nation.  (Congratulations Peggy!)

My mind was at it’s best and I beat many players with a 6-0 score. Your manual just puts everything in a proper alignment.  I do believe now more than ever that I will be able to play at an even higher level of play with my mind being a better tool than ever before.

I have been visualizing more.  And I’m having better self talks to myself. Less negatives, more positives, and I was able to calm myself and get out of my comfort zone, and at the critical times when I felt myself lapsing back to the negatives I was able to visualize myself doing what I do when at home on a practice court.

I will be sharing my knowledge along with your knowledge to other players.  Did so in California, and the girls went wild with my input.  I knew how they felt at certain times having gone through it myself.  For instance, one woman had to play a player who had knocked out the second seed, and because of it, the other woman had put her on a pedestal and felt she wasn’t the better player. She lost and I then played that same player and kicked her butt, 6-2,6-2, in the finals of the consolation match.

I keyed into her footwork, or lack of footwork, and her tendencies; forehand always crosscourt, served to my forehand 90% of the time and things of that nature. I never went with how she had done with other players, as I would have done a year ago.  Now I play a style ball and not the player, and I visualize my strengths which I believe I had many more than she did.  I am also working on that part of my game which I believe is my weakness, which is coming to the net more. However, in my final (which Peggy won) I was at the net a ton!!!!!!! So thanks for the manual, it will become my bible!!!!!

— Peggy M., ME

Next, Karl M., a bodybuilder who is a student of mental strength.  I hope that you take note and model his success. Congratulations Karl!

I used the method yesterday (a visualization strategy previously sent out in a tip), got to the gym, took a few minutes before entering my car and visualized my shoulder/calves workout.

I ‘turned up the dial’, as you suggested in your tip, made it as bright and clear as I could, and then tapped into this in the gym.

I hit a personal record on lateral raises. You’ve convinced me of a need to find someone to work with a little more closely in this area, to get direct guidance and support for some creative visualizations, and reinforcement of the belief I am developing in myself to excel in the weight room (and in life!) Thank you for all your direction and help.

— Karl M., Bodybuilder, PA

For your reference, here’s the Mental Strategy that Karl used.

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